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Why Waste-to-Energy

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At a time when households and businesses are producing more waste than ever, WIN Waste Innovations provides an environmentally responsible curb-to-grid solution for safe waste disposal.




  • reduces greenhouse gases by approximately 1 ton of carbon for every 1 ton processed, by eliminating long-haul truck trips to distant landfills

  • decreases the volume of waste that ends up in rapidly diminishing landfills by more than 90%

  • reduces the need for oil, coal and natural gas

  • safely produces renewable electricity that powers homes and businesses


A study by Marco Castaldi, a City College of New York chemical engineer, found that while the world is producing more waste than ever, waste-to-energy is key to reducing greenhouse gases while supporting recycling and sustainable waste management.


Through safe and responsible waste disposal and the production of clean, renewable energy, WIN Waste Innovations strives every day to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

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