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WIN Waste in Saugus

The WIN Waste Innovations waste-to-energy facility in Saugus converts up to 1,500 tons of residential and commercial waste into renewable energy every day that is transferred to the electric grid to power communities and our own operations. This local, circular process:

• offsets more than 343,000 barrels of oil or 98,484 tons of coal needed to create the equivalent amount of energy

•powers more than 16,800 homes with energy from waste

• eliminates tractor trailer trips to and from landfills, and diverts waste from our already near-capacity landfills

• recycles more than 4,200 tons of metal annually

Saugus-09 rs.jpg


Tons of waste processed per year


Tons of waste processed
per day


Homes powered


Annual barrels of oil offset


Tons of greenhouse gasses avoided for every 1 ton of waste converted


Tons of metal recovered


local jobs


Annual tons of coal for power saved


Economic Impact

In addition to diverting waste from landfills and creating renewable energy, WIN Waste also serves as an economic engine for the town of Saugus and the region. The waste-to-energy facility provides 60 full-time jobs and contributes approximately $28 million to the region, $8 million of which is directly spent in Saugus. This local spending generates $7 million of additional economic activity, 36 additional jobs and $4 million of new taxes and investments in the community.

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