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Saugus Green Community Initiatives

WIN Waste Innovations is a renewable waste-to-energy company that sustainably manages waste and recycling while recovering renewable energy that is used to help power the communities we serve. That is just the beginning of our commitment to the environment and our communities. Through partnerships with our commercial and municipal customers, schools, local charities and others, we create and support initiatives that advance environmental protection and rejuvenation. In all, we support 250 community-based organizations on projects ranging from planting urban tree canopies to restoring sparrow nests in New England’s coastal marshes.

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WIN Waste environmental initiatives include:


  • Helping communities reach carbon neutrality by preserving and increasing carbon stores in salt marshes, which have a capacity to store carbon that is 10 times greater than that of tropical rainforests. We manage 8,000 acres of salt marsh from Maine to Maryland, working with local, state and federal conservation agencies.

  • Reducing energy consumption by 18 to 30 percent by integrating green infrastructure into urbanized environments. 

  • Integrating bioremediation treatments into stormwater management systems.

  • Removing plastic from public greenspaces before they turn into highly mobile hydrocarbon pollutant known as microplastics.


WIN Waste educational initiatives include:


  • Introducing students, through our Nesting Box Initiative, to the natural services provided to their communities by geological features, ecosystems and wildlife species.

  • Working with students, through our At-Risk Species Program, to identify wildlife species in their community impacted by climate change and to develop management plans to help the species adapt.

  • Working with students, through our Migratory Wildlife Program, to identify migratory wildlife species and prime migratory staging habitats in their communities.

  • Introducing students, through our Sustainable Living Program, to curb-to-grid waste management practices and proper recycling methods at home to better manage waste for the community they live in.

WIN Waste Environmental and Educational Partners include:


  • Connecticut Department Energy and Environmental Management

  • The Nature Conservancy Long Island

  • Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management 

  • Salt Marsh Adaptation and Resiliency Teams (SMARTeams)

  • Save the Bay, R.I.

  • University of Delaware Center for Environmental Science

  • University of New Hampshire

  • USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, Land Management Research and Demonstration


Additional SMARTeams Field Team Collaborative Partners:

  • Kennebec Land Conservation Trust

  • Maine Coast Heritage Trust

  • Mass Audubon Barnstable Great Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Mass Audubon Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Nature Conservancy, Maine 

  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

  • Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • The Trustees of Reservations

  • USFWS Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

These are only a sample of our environmentally driven, community-based marketing initiatives that we have undertaken with our partners.


For more information, please reach out to Mary Urban at

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